Enron ERISA Class Action - Tittle, et al. v. Enron Corp., et al., H-01-3913 (S.D. Tex.)

The Tittle action and a series of related cases (since consolidated into Tittle) were filed in federal district court in Houston in late 2001 on behalf of then-current and former Enron employees who were participants in or beneficiaries of the Enron Corporation Savings Plan, the Enron Corporation Employee Stock Ownership Plan or the Enron Corporation Cash Balance Plan. GLF was appointed class co-counsel.

The case is largely settled, with recoveries for the classes certified exceeding $225 million.

The settling defendants include: Enron Corporation (over $100 million); Northern Trust Company ($37.5 million); Enron Directors, Plan Administrative Committee members and human-resource staff ($85 million); Arthur Andersen LLP and David B. Duncan ($1.25 million); Kenneth Lay (approximately $12 million).


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