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2001 Enron News Articles

The Dallas Morning News, "THE ENRON COLLAPSE; What went wrong? What can be done?," December 23, 2001.

Houston Chronicle, "Enron responds to 401(k) charges," December 15, 2001.

The Dallas Morning News, "Andersen may take years to recover, analysts say," December 14, 2001.

Financial Times, "A poor retirement: The bankruptcy of Enron has brought into uncomfortably sharp focus broader doubts about the way that US employees invest for their old age," December 12, 2001.

Houston Chronicle, "Bankruptcy tip of iceberg in forums seeking redress," December 11, 2001.

Pensions & Investments, "Bad News: Enron: 401(k) and cash balance plans battered as company crashes," December 10, 2001.

New York Law Journal, "Facing Crisis, Enron Puts Together A Team of High-Profile Firms," December 10, 2001.

CNN/Money, "Company Stock Slams 401(k)s," December 10, 2001.

South Florida Sun-Sentinel, "Workers Warned: Limit Company Stock in 401(k)s," December 8, 2001.

The Dallas Morning News, "Accounting Giant Arthur Andersen May Take Years to Recover, Analysts Say," December 7, 2001.

Financial Times, "Pension Plans Under Scrutiny," December 7, 2001.

The Washington Post, "Too Many Eggs in One Basket Can Ruin a Retirement Plan," December 6, 2001.

Newsday, "Enron's Auditor Under SEC Review," December 5, 2001.

Dallas Morning News, "Washington Law Firm Targets Chicago-Based Auditors Over Enron Fiasco," December 4, 2001.

The Wall Street Journal, "Auditor Andersen Is Added to Enron 401(k) Lawsuit," December 4, 2001.

ABC.com, "Retirement at Risk? 401(k) Losses in Wake of Enron’s Collapse Could Inspire Changes," December 4, 2001.

Agence France Presse, "Enron Shares Surge After Cash Infusion," December 4, 2001.

The New York Times, "Beware Those One-Note 401(k)'s," December 2, 2001.

USA Today, "Energy Giant's Disaster Devastates 401(k) Plans," November 30, 2001.

Los Angeles Times, "Betting It All on Company Stock Is Risky Business," November 30, 2001.

Bloomberg News, "Enron 401(k) Plan Set Up for a Fall," November 28, 2001.

Financial Times, "Enron faces lawsuits over handling of pension plan," November 28, 2001.

The Washington Post, "Dynegy Asks Enron for New Terms," November 28, 2001.

BNA, "Enron Workers Bring Class Actions Alleging Company Caused Plan Losses," November 28, 2001.

Los Angeles Times, "Workers Sue Over Shrinking 401(k)s," November 27, 2001.

USA Today, "Enron Workers Sue Over Retirement Plan," November 27, 2001.

The Oregonian, "Employees of PGE Sue Enron Over 401(k) Plan," November 27, 2001.

401(k) Wire, "Enron Redux," November 26, 2001.

CNN/Money, "401(k) Investors Lose On Enron," November 26, 2001.

CFO.com, "Angry Employees Sue Enron," November 26, 2001.

Dow Jones, "Latest Enron Suit Seeks $850 Million for 401(k) Losses," November 26, 2001.

Dow Jones News Service, "Enron Is Sued Over 401(k) Plan; Plaintiffs Seek $850M," November 26, 2001.

Reuters, "Enron Suit Seen As a Wakeup Call for Pensions," November 26, 2001.

Reuters, "Enron Workers Sue as Savings Evaporate," November 25, 2001.

Los Angeles Times, "Enron's Troubles Could Spur Securities Reform," November 25, 2001.

The Wall Street Journal, "Enron Faces Suits by 401(k) Plan Participants," November 23, 2001.

Associated Press, "Enron Workers Sue Over Retirement," November 22, 2001.

Houston Chronicle, "Suit Alleges Enron Led Workers Astray," November 22, 2001.

The New York Times, "Employees' Retirement Plan Is a Victim as Enron Stumbles," November 22, 2001.

Philadelphia Inquirer, "Scandal of Overpaid CEOs Well-Known But Don't Expect System to Change," November 19, 2001.

The Oregonian, "401(k) Plans Sink With Enron," November 16, 2001.

Associated Press, "Stock Drop Cuts Enron Retirement Package," November 16, 2001.

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