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2002 Enron News Articles

The Washington Post, "Bankruptcy Tangles Enron's Future," December 03, 2002.

Star Tribune, "Enron, One Year Later," October 16, 2002.

Pensions and Investments, "Sweeping consequences," October 14, 2002.

The Dallas Morning News, "Enron had account at Sanchez's bank," August 28, 2002.

The Houston Chronicle, "Ex-Enron workers must wait for funds," August 22, 2002.

The Wall Street Journal, "Andersen Verdict Won't Help Plaintiffs Collect Cash," June 19, 2002.

Associated Press Online, "Enron Execs Reap $744 Million," June 18, 2002.

The Bulletin's Frontrunner, "Top Enron Executives Made Millions Just Before Collapse," June 18, 2002.

Financial Times, "Investors' lawyers pledge to pursue Andersen," June 18, 2002.

The Wall Street Journal, "Enron Awards to Officials Outrage Laid-off Workers," June 18, 2002.

Pensions and Investments, "Clock ticking down; Enron 401(k) participants getting ready for lawsuit," June 10, 2002.

The New York Times, "Enron Creditors Angered by State Laws that Shield Luxury Residences," April 4, 2002.

The Los Angeles Times, "Andersen Lawyer Silent," March 23, 2002.

Pensions & Investments, "Kennedy Bill," March 18, 2002.

Inside F.E.R.C.'s Gas Market Report, "Law Firm Approved For Enron Workers," March 15, 2002.

Chicago Tribune, "Andersen plea talks stall; rivals rule out takeover," March 14, 2002.

Gas Daily, "Judge OKs deal on Watkins representation," March 11, 2002.

Associated Press, "Andersen reportedly discussing plea in Enron audits," March 8, 2002.

Chicago Tribune, "Andersen discusses plea deal with U.S.," March 8, 2002.

The Houston Chronicle, "Enron gets OK to retain, pay firm; Workers may also have own counsel," March 8, 2002.

The Washington Post, "Judge Lets Enron Have One Law Firm for Employees," March 8, 2002.

The New York Times, "Enron Paid Huge Bonuses in '01; Experts See a Motive for Cheating," March 1, 2002.

The Wall Street Journal, "Bankruptcy Judge Denies Enron Access To $85 Million in Insurance Money," February 28, 2002.

The Houston Chronicle, "Attorneys debate schedule for trial," February 26, 2002.

Chicago Tribune, "No assurance of Enron insurance payouts; Some firms try to void policies," February 24. 2002.

Los Angeles Times, "Enron Employees' Suit OKd," February 21, 2002.

The Associated Press, "Employee lawsuits against Enron to go forward in Houston court," February 21, 2002.

The Associated Press, "Lay claimed ignorance of details of Enron finances," February 21, 2002.

The Houston Chronicle, "Suits against Enron can proceed; 401(k) cases no longer in limbo," February 21, 2002.

USA Today, "401(k) suit proceeds vs. Enron," February 21, 2002.

Associated Press Online, "New Overseers for Enron 401(k) Sought," February 13, 2002.

Associated Press, "Government seeks removal of Enron executives from retirement plan," February 11, 2002.

Los Angeles Times, "The Fall Of Enron," February 11, 2002.

The New York Times, "U.S. Pressing for Trustees of Enron Plan to Step Down," February 11, 2002.

The Wall Street Journal, "Questioning the Books: U.S. Acts to Replace Enron Pension Plan Trustees," February 11, 2002.

The Washington Post, "U.S. to Seek Retirement Plan Control At Enron; Labor Dept. Calls for Expert Independent Managers," February 11, 2002.

The Houston Chronicle, "Lawyer wants judge to remove trustees; Alleges execs left 401(k)s unprotected," February 9, 2002.

The Los Angeles Times, "Senator Says He Expects Lay to Testify Before Committee," February 9, 2002.

The Associated Press, "Former workers seek to remove Enron's control over plans," February 8, 2002.

The New York Times, "Senators Assume Lay Will Testify," February 9, 2002.

Associated Press Online, "Ex-Enron Workers Lament Benefits," February 7, 2002.

Los Angeles Times, "Ex-Enron Workers Lament Benefits," February 7, 2002.

The Bulletin's Frontrunner, "Enron Official Ignored Warnings About 401(k) Plans," February 6, 2002.

The Wall Street Journal, "Enron Official Didn't Warn Workers Of 401(k) Plan After Finding Trouble," February 6, 2002.

Financial Times, "Lawsuits may widen to hit partnerships SPECIAL-PURPOSE VEHICLES," February 5, 2002.

Financial Times, "Lay stands down from Enron board after scathing report," February 5, 2002.

USA Today, "Odds workers will receive Enron payoff: 'Slim,'" February 4, 2002.

Facts on File World News Digest, "Special Enron Committee Report Spreads Blame for Collapse Executives," February 2, 2002.

Houston Chronicle, "Bush's 401(k) plans met with criticism," February 2, 2002.

The Bulletin's Frontrunner, "Enron Pension-Plan Participants Hope To Receive Insurance Money," February 1, 2002.

The Associated Press, "Enron workers seek $1 billion for failed 401(k) plans, say bankruptcy no excuse," February 1, 2002.

The Houston Chronicle, "The fall of Enron; Motions filed for former Enron workers; Lawyers seek to clear way for suits," February 01, 2002.

USA TODAY, "Lawyer opposes Enron access to funds," February 1, 2002.

Associated Press Online, "Workers Want Enron Suit to Proceed," January 31, 2002.

Newsday, "Ex-Enron Workers File Class-Action Suit," January 29, 2002.

Time Magazine, "Your Money: Old Safety Nets Are Gone. Here's What To Do," January 28, 2002.

USA Today, "Investigators say they can overcome loss of key witness," January 28, 2002

The Houston Chronicle, "The fall of Enron; Like Enron employees, Lay could lose nearly all; Vast fortune from stocks, bonuses susceptible to lawsuits," January 25, 2002.

The New York Times, "ENRON'S COLLAPSE: FADING NEST EGGS; Labor Dept. Reviews Ban On Stock Sale," January 24, 2002.

Chicago Tribune, "Embattled Enron CEO Steps Down," January 24, 2002.

Miami Daily Business Review, "Fight for the front Florida's pension fund lost more than any other state to Enron but important lead-plaintiff designation may be elusive," January 23, 2002.

Associated Press Online, "Enron Manager Blasted Lay Online," January 21, 2002.

Legal Times, "Jockeying for Position," January 21, 2002.

Newsweek, "401(K)s and the Enron Mess," January 21, 2002.

Associated Press, "Worker's concerns about Enron accounting brushed aside," January 21, 2002.

Richmond Times Dispatch, "Enron Board To Blame?; It Suspended Ethics Code To Ok Partnerships," January 20, 2002.

Associated Press, "Enron Head Touted Stock Amid Trouble," January 19, 2002.

Houston Chronicle, "Lay's Q&A with staff downplayed rumors," January 19, 2002.

Newsday, "Lay Said Stock Was 'Bargain'," January 19, 2002.

Reuters, "Enron's Lay hyped stock to workers in Sept-transcript," January 19, 2002.

The New York Times, "Despite Warning, Enron Chief Urged Buying Of Shares," January 19, 2002.

The Washington Post, "Chairman Told Workers Stock Was 'Bargain,'" January 19, 2002.

The Los Angeles Times, "Enron Chairman Urged Employees to Buy Stock Probe," January 19, 2002.

The San Francisco Chronicle, "Firm's failure ruins retirement dreams; Congress to study limiting requirements on employee investment in company stock," January 18, 2002.

The New York Times, "Enron's Collapse: The Overview," January 17, 2002.

Newsday, "E-mails: Evidence Of Wrongdoing?," January 17, 2002.

The Bulletin's Frontrunner, "Arthur Andersen Fires Partner Responsible For Enron Account," January 16, 2002.

Financial Times, "Investigators request videotapes of company wide meetings," January 16, 2002.

Newsweek, "401(k)'s and the Enron Mess," January 14, 2002.

The Sunday Oregonian, "Enron put on upbeat stock front," January 13, 2002.

Financial Times, "Lifetime's savings lost in a corporate scandal," January 11, 2002.

Dow Jones News Services, "Andersen Admits Some Enron Documents Were Destroyed," January 10, 2002.

Fortune, "When 401(k) Plans are KO'd," January 7, 2002.

Financial Times, "Enron collapse turns focus on pension rules," January 3, 2002.

Mutual Funds, "What's Ahead: The Morning After," January 2002.


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